Mouseless di Windows 10 (Vim Addict)

Here is why vim uses hjkl keys as arrow keys

Setelah menggunakan vim, ingin sekali semua dilakukan dengan keyboard karena lebih mudah dan cepat. Saya menggunakan tools autohotkey dan windows powertoys untuk membuat agar shortuct yang biasa digunakan tidak dipencet diluar home row.

Navigas antar aplikasi, dan workspace

Windows 10 membawa fitur workspace (seperti di linux) yang bermanfaat jika ingin mengrup aplikasi ketika membuka aplikasi banyak.

Shortcut Asli Modif
Alt tabAlt tab
Navigasi alt tabAlt tab terus pencet arrowAlt + H
Alt + J
Alt + K
Alt + L
Mencari aplikasi yang sedang berjalan dengan nama nya (menggunakan power toys)Alt + `
Pindah workpace (shortcut diganti menggunakan autohetkey)Ctrl +Windows + Left
Ctrl +Windows + Down
Ctrl +Windows + Up
Ctrl +Windows + Right
Ctrl + Alt + H
Ctrl + Alt + J
Ctrl + Alt + K
Ctrl + Alt + L

Swap Control dengan Caps lock

Hal ini dilakukan karena banyak shortcut menggunakan ctrl, namun ctrl agak sulit dan cape karena terletak jauh dari home row.

Browser Firefox/Chrome Menggunakan Vimium

Script AutoHotkey

; swap ctrl/caps lock

;Disable Win Key + L

; alt tab

; swith workspaces
^!l::Send ^#{Right}
^!h::Send ^#{Left}
^!k::Send ^{PgDn}
^!j::Send ^{PgUp}

;switch workspaces
; Globals
DesktopCount = 2 ; Windows starts with 2 desktops at boot
CurrentDesktop = 1 ; Desktop count is 1-indexed (Microsoft numbers them this way)
; This function examines the registry to build an accurate list of the current virtual desktops and which one we're currently on.
; Current desktop UUID appears to be in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SessionInfo\1\VirtualDesktops
; List of desktops appears to be in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VirtualDesktops
mapDesktopsFromRegistry() {
 global CurrentDesktop, DesktopCount
 ; Get the current desktop UUID. Length should be 32 always, but there's no guarantee this couldn't change in a later Windows release so we check.
 IdLength := 32
 SessionId := getSessionId()
 if (SessionId) {
 RegRead, CurrentDesktopId, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\SessionInfo\%SessionId%\VirtualDesktops, CurrentVirtualDesktop
 if (CurrentDesktopId) {
 IdLength := StrLen(CurrentDesktopId)
 ; Get a list of the UUIDs for all virtual desktops on the system
 RegRead, DesktopList, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VirtualDesktops, VirtualDesktopIDs
 if (DesktopList) {
 DesktopListLength := StrLen(DesktopList)
 ; Figure out how many virtual desktops there are
 DesktopCount := DesktopListLength / IdLength
 else {
 DesktopCount := 1
 ; Parse the REG_DATA string that stores the array of UUID's for virtual desktops in the registry.
 i := 0
 while (CurrentDesktopId and i < DesktopCount) {
 StartPos := (i * IdLength) + 1
 DesktopIter := SubStr(DesktopList, StartPos, IdLength)
 OutputDebug, The iterator is pointing at %DesktopIter% and count is %i%.
 ; Break out if we find a match in the list. If we didn't find anything, keep the
 ; old guess and pray we're still correct :-D.
 if (DesktopIter = CurrentDesktopId) {
 CurrentDesktop := i + 1
 OutputDebug, Current desktop number is %CurrentDesktop% with an ID of %DesktopIter%.
; This functions finds out ID of current session.
 ProcessId := DllCall("GetCurrentProcessId", "UInt")
 if ErrorLevel {
 OutputDebug, Error getting current process id: %ErrorLevel%
 OutputDebug, Current Process Id: %ProcessId%
 DllCall("ProcessIdToSessionId", "UInt", ProcessId, "UInt*", SessionId)
 if ErrorLevel {
 OutputDebug, Error getting session id: %ErrorLevel%
 OutputDebug, Current Session Id: %SessionId%
 return SessionId
; This function switches to the desktop number provided.
 global CurrentDesktop, DesktopCount
 ; Re-generate the list of desktops and where we fit in that. We do this because
 ; the user may have switched desktops via some other means than the script.
 ; Don't attempt to switch to an invalid desktop
 if (targetDesktop > DesktopCount || targetDesktop < 1) {
 OutputDebug, [invalid] target: %targetDesktop% current: %CurrentDesktop%
 ; Go right until we reach the desktop we want
 while(CurrentDesktop < targetDesktop) {
 Send ^#{Right}
 OutputDebug, [right] target: %targetDesktop% current: %CurrentDesktop%
 ; Go left until we reach the desktop we want
 while(CurrentDesktop > targetDesktop) {
 Send ^#{Left}
 OutputDebug, [left] target: %targetDesktop% current: %CurrentDesktop%
; This function creates a new virtual desktop and switches to it
 global CurrentDesktop, DesktopCount
 Send, #^d
 CurrentDesktop = %DesktopCount%
 OutputDebug, [create] desktops: %DesktopCount% current: %CurrentDesktop%
; This function deletes the current virtual desktop
 global CurrentDesktop, DesktopCount
 Send, #^{F4}
 OutputDebug, [delete] desktops: %DesktopCount% current: %CurrentDesktop%
; Main
SetKeyDelay, 75
OutputDebug, [loading] desktops: %DesktopCount% current: %CurrentDesktop%
; User config!
; This section binds the key combo to the switch/create/delete actions
LWin & 1::switchDesktopByNumber(1)
LWin & 2::switchDesktopByNumber(2)
LWin & 3::switchDesktopByNumber(3)
LWin & 4::switchDesktopByNumber(4)
LWin & 5::switchDesktopByNumber(5)
LWin & 6::switchDesktopByNumber(6)
LWin & 7::switchDesktopByNumber(7)
LWin & 8::switchDesktopByNumber(8)
LWin & 9::switchDesktopByNumber(9)
;CapsLock & 1::switchDesktopByNumber(1)
;CapsLock & 2::switchDesktopByNumber(2)
;CapsLock & 3::switchDesktopByNumber(3)
;CapsLock & 4::switchDesktopByNumber(4)
;CapsLock & 5::switchDesktopByNumber(5)
;CapsLock & 6::switchDesktopByNumber(6)
;CapsLock & 7::switchDesktopByNumber(7)
;CapsLock & 8::switchDesktopByNumber(8)
;CapsLock & 9::switchDesktopByNumber(9)
;CapsLock & n::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop + 1)
;CapsLock & p::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop - 1)
;CapsLock & s::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop + 1)
;CapsLock & a::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop - 1)
;CapsLock & c::createVirtualDesktop()
;CapsLock & d::deleteVirtualDesktop()
; Alternate keys for this config. Adding these because DragonFly (python) doesn't send CapsLock correctly.
;^!n::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop + 1)
;^!p::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop - 1)
;^!s::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop + 1)
;^!a::switchDesktopByNumber(CurrentDesktop - 1)

Masalah autohotkey

Ketika utilization cpu 100%, authotkey bisa ngelag dan menimbulkan gejala :

  • caps lock nyangkut
  • Delay shortcut

Link Downlaod

Vimium :
Autohotkey :
Powertoys :

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